Fairly Legal is Coming Back!

OMG, I just read that Fairly Legal, a USA Network drama series is coming back YAY!  Yeah, yeah I admit, I’m an avid watcher of quirky televisions shows and this one is one of my favorites. Anyway, so I’m reading this news in the Hollywood Reporter and my excitement turns to concern when I see a line that reads, and I quote “When Fairly Legal returns for its second season next year, things will look very different for the USA Network drama.”

Wait. What?

Yes. It appears that Jeff Wachtel, co-president of the network told the HR “We didn’t really think we executed it as well as we could have…” Don’t beat yourself up Jeff; I think you did a terrific job. Now I understand there have been some staff changes, which may or may not be a bad thing; especially since Peter Ocko, who was an executive producer on Pushing Daisies; (another one of my favorite shows) is now on board as show-runner; since Michael Sardo creator of this show, has “stepped down” from the position. I don’t want to divulge any insiders, but “stepped down” usually indicates there were some major “creative differences” between Michael and the (Network’s) powers that be. Okay where was I? Oh, right; Jeff explained they were going to change the focus of the show, saying, “it’s not going to be a show about a mediator; oh I’m sorry, the “M” word.  But wait, the show is called “Fairly Legal” which is an anomaly in our justice system; hence the need for a mediat—the “M” word. Personally I loved that there were seemingly difficult scenarios wherein each party had a point of view that you could relate to.  Kate, the perpetual peacemaker who; in a world where people use the phrase “Life isn’t always fair” like an advisory label for bad behavior; wants—no craves justice for all. Jeff say this will be: “A show about somebody who almost likes to create conflict in order to resolve it”; that show should be called “Drama Queen” and nobody likes a “DQ”, well, unless they’re serving up one of those Blizzard-y frozen dessert thingy’s.    All I’m saying is don’t change it too much,

I love Kate (played by Sarah Shahi); she the ultimate, flawed, pretty girl with a heart.

Anyway, that’s my two-cents. I’ll be watching!

Oh, BTW very cool theme song, I am loving it!!!

Iyeoka – The Yellow Brick Road Song


2 thoughts on “Fairly Legal is Coming Back!

  1. I was just wondering about this a few days ago. This is one of my favorite shows. USA is my favorite channel, although, I don’t watch t.v. Thanks for the good news. Cool theme song. I don’t remember this theme song. Must be new?

    • IKR, I love USA! I’m not sure if the song is new; i don’t remember it from last season but I’m not sure I paid attention to it last season 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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